Inside Public Spaces

Main level with back to the 2 bedrooms and living room; showing the dining room.  Sliding door in dining room opens to screened in porch.  The porch has a fan and light and is great for eating outside during warm summer evenings.
This view is from the kitchen looking out at the dining room.  (Carpet has been replaced with hardwood floors.) You can see the screened porch beyond the dining room table.  The dining room table will seat 12; we've bought six more chairs since this photo was taken.  The kitchen is well equiped for cooking -- see the page listing all the kitchen equipment.  We also keep basic spices and oils for cooking.
This picture is standing in the foyer looking out at the living room.  We've added a 62" rear projection TV to the right of the fire place since this picture was taken (see picture below with the 62" TV)
This is downstairs showing the ping-pong table looking out to the TV.  Since this picture was taken we have added a 57" rear projection TV (see updated photo).  The TV also has a play station 3 and a DVD and VCR attached to it.
This is from May 2009 showing the larger TV downstairs.  This picture is standing with your back to the pingpong table.    The bookcases have books, .  There is a third bookcase beside the sliding door with kids DVDs and VHS Tapes as well as board games,  The sliding door opens to the walkway down to the dock
This is from September 2009 showing the larger TV and new hardwood floor in the living room.  If you come in the colder season there is plenty of split wood to burn in the fireplace.